Portable .NFO file/ASCII ART reader / viewer

NFOSTONERS is free software designed to read .NFO file/ASCII ART with color customizable on several box drawing character.

Portable .NFO file/ASCII ART reader / viewer 

Features of NFOSTONERS:

  • Yes, Absolutely Portable Application now.
  • Multi language support.
  • Customizable text/background colors: Char Handled by NFOSTONERS:
    • Default/Regular Char.
    • Box Drawing Char.
    • Hyperlink Text, background, active and Hover. Valid NFOSTONERS HTTP Hyperlink reference: "http://, https://, www., snews://, news://, ftp., ftps., ftp://, ftps://, wais://, telnet://, prospero://, nntp://, gopher://, mailto:, file://"
    • IRC Channel Text, background.
    • Extended TAG.
    • Selected Text.
  • Smart (maybe not too) hyperlink auto detection.
  • De/activate hyperlink.
  • De/activate CTRL-key when execute Hyperlink.
  • "DELPHI IDE Style" customize scheme. Very-very easy.
  • User define NFO/DIZ file for configuring scheme.
  • Random scheme and FontFace capabilities.
  • Drag´n´Drop support.
  • Shell Integration. Register and Restore.
  • Quick create Desktop link.
  • Additional File Info.
  • View File Info, Switch FontFace and Scheme by double clicking on Statusbar.
  • Copy on select feature.
  • De/active box select mode.
  • Extended Tag for highlighting part of NFO/DIZ file. This can be any, until last vol. (o.o.1e), there is 2 Extended Tag. And I CAN DO MORE...!!!
  • Smart line breaks handling: "Windows CR-LF, Mac CR, Unix LF".
  • Customizable appearance.


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