Windows Shutdown/Restart Scheduler Software

"Shutdown Scheduler" is a small software which can be used to schedule your computer's shutdown and/or restart.  Shutdown Scheduler gives you the possibility to do it without waiting next to your computer. You just have to schedule the shutdown(s) for all week or for specific days and let “Shutdown Scheduler” do the job.

Windows Shutdown/Restart Scheduler Software

Main Features of Shutdown Scheduler:

  • Weekly or daily shutdown/restart/hibernation/standby scheduler
  • Those actions are also possible using a timer
  • Shutdown/restart/hibernation and standby behavior customizable
  • Remote shutdown(s) and restart(s) available (Over a network)
  • Shared Notes included (Single or multi users shared notes - Over a network)
  • Auto logs the software and user actions
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Windowless

Download Windows Shutdown Schedular


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