ArtSee : Portable slideshow application

ArtSee is a Portable Picture Viewer that can be used to display a slideshow of  pictures, photos or images  from a directory tree. The slideshow of images can be displayed full screen, as a background wallpaper and even as a screensaver. BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG and TIF image files can be displayed. The Viewer ships with plenty of options including the ability to edit the transition effects, adjust the delay between image rotation and much more.

ArtSee Features

  • Slideshow (slideshow, timer)
  • Sort (forward/reverse/random, name/created/modified/accessed)
  • Layer (normal, fullscreen, wallpaper, stay on top, blend, opacity)
  • Loop (loop, pause, exit, reshuffle)
  • Navigate (next & previous w/gears, first, last, current)
  • Scroll (mouse, arrow keys w/ gears, autoscroll)
  • Folder (browse, current, refresh, subfolders, hidden folders, peek, autorefresh)
  • Find (find/filter/exclude, find next, bookmark, goto mark, goto)
  • Formats (bmp, emf, gif, ico, jpg, png, tif)
  • Favorites (send shortcut, send to desktop, send copy, copy to desktop, view favorites/desktop/target, folder)
  • Wrap (resize window to wrap around each image)
  • Crop (remove borders and unused background)
  • Squeeze (scale down to fit window/desktop)
  • Shrink (scale down to fit one side)
  • Stretch (scale up to window/desktop)
  • Zoom (in, out, 100%, 1% gear, zoom lock, zoom step, zoom/scale quality)
  • Rotate (rotate, rotate left, rotate lock, aspect filter, flip horizontal)
  • Layout (centered, corners, roaming)
  • Collage (fixed-size roaming images)
  • Transitions (select effects, overlap/wipe)

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