Windows7 Blogger Template from TTH

I am almost done with Windows7 Blogger Template just a final word for people who want to use this.

One point people who are applying this template must note that the date setting should be changed to mm.dd.yyyy ( as mentioned in below image) else calendar beside post title won't work. You can post here issues or suggestions, if any.

Download Window7 Blogger Template .Zip Format .XML Format


Anonymous said...

May I know how to make every entry, even they are published within the same date, has the calender in the very beginning?

Which part of CSS or xml should I modify?


Anonymous said...

The mm.dd.yyyy is the US format of date. In Europe and Asia this will be difficult to accept and remember. Thanks for sharing!

AK said...

Tejaswini - The date setting is required to display calender beside the title, so it hardly matters on which part of the world it is being used. Have a look on the demo and you will be able to understand the purpose.

Utsav said...

Hey thanks for the template and the support. this is really a professional and clear type blogger template. Web 2.0 enabled. this template is superb. Thanks for sharing this type of great template

Deen said...

how about Archive Index Date Format and Timestamp Format..
what should i choose??

Anonymous said...

Any ideas when this theme will work with BE 1.6.1?

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