Use Apple Wireless Keyboard with Windows

Unofficial Apple Wireless Keyboard Support (UAWKS) is a small package that allows Windows users to make full use of Apple's uber-sexy bluetooth keyboard.

UAWKS Features
  • Translucent volume overlay.
  • Use Command (Apple) keys as Control keys (optional). Use Command-C for copy, Command-V for paste, etc. Toggle in the UAWKS notification icon (tray icon) menu.
  • Use media/volume keys without holding down Fn (optional). As in OS X, you can choose to have the media and volume controls take effect with or without holding Fn (either way, you can still use your F7-12 keys normally by doing the opposite).
  • Use Control-` as Shift-Control-Tab (optional). Many tabbed applications on Windows use Control-Tab to cycle forward, and Shift-Control-Tab to cycle backwards. Shift-Control-Tab is really awkward on the AWK, so this rebinds it to Control-Backquote.
  • Use Right Option key as an extra Fn key (optional). If you don't need two option keys, this makes it easier to hit forward delete, home, etc.


Anonymous said...

freaking awesome...thanks alot now i like this keyboard even more ;)

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot! been searching a long time for good solution! This works perfectly under windows 7 and a very old usb bluetooth adapter... nice work!

Anonymous said...

portable wireless router said...

awesome...i love this keyboard ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the information!

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