Teal Green - Free Blogger Template is ready to Go

..great .  Completed my 2nd Blogger Template "Teal Green". As you can see in below image, it is a 2 column template with 3 columnar footer space. Also, there are lots of space in header, sidebar and footer area which can be utilized for Adsense or any other Ad services.  Happy Blogging.
See Live Demo here.

Free Blogger Template

Download Teal Green Template (XML Format)
Download Teal Green Template (Zip Format)

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Unknown said...

i would like to use ur template on my website:
would you kindly do some changes in it for me?
if yo ucan contact me thru email, i would be mostly pleased!
good bye!
Heleno Paiva

AK said...

hi heleno .. its nice that you liked this theme... I can make changes if time permits.. You can post changes details here.

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