Tomahawk PDF Plus : Free PDF editor

Tomahawk PDF+ is a fully-fledged text editor for RTF, TXT and other formats, with built-in PDF export capability. Tomahawk PDF Plus-Free PDF editor Features of Tomahawk PDF+
  • Tables - Tomahawk supports tables and tables nested inside of other tables. You can set the border style, background color (in both tables and cells), border style, embed images, cell alignment, etc. Insert or delete rows and columns into existing tables. Merge and split cells
  • Table Headers - Table header row(s) can be set to repeat on subsequent pages during printouts or exporting to PDF for large tables.
  • Background images - Set a background image for your document. Images can be displayed as tiled, normal, or stretched. Tables can have their own background image.
  • Bullets - Tomahawk supports several levels of bullets, including the ability to use images as bullets.
  • Export - RTF, TXTt, HTML, and other formats depending on converters installed.
  • Spell-check - 26 dictionaries available
  • Thesaurus - 2 available


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