Forensic analysis of any type of file attachement in Email

TrID is an utility designed to identify file types from their binary signatures. It can be used for many different purposes like : to identify what kind of file was sent to you via e-mail, what was the file type which was recovered, even it can detect files files which do have any extensions or files were extension has been removed.

TrID uses a database of definitions which describe recurring patterns for supported file types. As this is subject to very frequent update, it's made available as a separate package. Just download both TrID and this archive and unpack in the same folder. The current library of definitions is up to 3550 file types and growing fast.

TrID is simple to use. Just run TrID and point it to the file to be analyzed. The file will be read and compared with the definitions in the database. Results are presented in order of highest probability.


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