6 free classic games for Fixefox

Got tired of work ..work and work ! You can play few old classic games within firefox and get relaxed. These games come as firefox add-on.

  1. XOOM is a top-down car racing game developed in XUL.
  2. Mines The classic game of Minesweeper recreated for Firefox. Includes several interesting variations, such as games with hexagonal rather than square tiles, games with multiple mines in some tiles, and an option to have the edge of the grid be free of mines (reducing the likelihood of you needing to make guesses).
  3. PingPong Another extension for classic ping pong game.
  4. Mozteroids A variant of the computer game classic, 'Asteroids'.
  5. Pacman Yet another Pacman-clone.
  6. Xultris Xultris is a variant of the computer game classic Tetris.


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