Online Invoicing with BambooInvoice

Online Invoicing - Download BambooInvoiceBambooInvoice is an Open Source web-based invoicing software intended for small businesses and independent contractors.

Features :
  1. BambooInvoice is easy to use, and easy on the eyes.
  2. BambooInvoice is actively used and developed.
  3. BambooInvoice is built atop modern coding standards. Its a XHTML-strict, WAI conformant, CSS using treat!
  4. BambooInvoice is internationalized. Currently it is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Swedish, and Italian with new languages being added all the time.
  5. Built on the excellent CodeIgniter project.
  6. BambooInvoice is released under the GPL.
Online Invoicing - Download BambooInvoice


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