: Play your favourite music anywhere is an online service which enables you to upload your favourite music and play it from their web-based player anywhere. The service also allows you to browse your choice of music from community list. - Play your favourite music anywhereYou can upload your music through web interface or you may use the Mac or Windows iTunes Desktop Uploader to automatically upload your song library, playlists, and play counts. It will upload songs with the highest ratings and play counts first while automatically managing your upload speeds to ensure a smooth internet experience. To download the uploader, click on the "iTunes Uploader" button in the top right corner of the site. The Desktop Uploaders currently only support uploading your iTunes library. Currently the service only support MP3s, but thete is a plan to add additional support to other music file types soon. You can click Browse Community at the bottom of the left tree to find music of your choice. You'll see a list of community members that you can page through. You can also search for friends by typing in their username in the search bar above the profile pictures. Find great music by sorting the community by most played, most listeners, newest members, or by genre.


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