reQall : iPhone Application

reQall for iPhone gives you a bunch of features like voice-to-text recorder, task/shopping/idea manager, reminder service, and memory aid all in one. It will change how you remember. Say what you want to remember anytime; reQall will manage the rest.

Features only available to iPhone and iPod touch users:
* Offline capability—capture ideas, create to-do lists, and set up sharing items all offline—reQall will sync them when you connect online!
* Works anywhere your iPhone has a data connection, worldwide.
* Shake your iPhone to activate the reQall Memory Jogger™ and let it choose something you should remember. It will periodically jog your memory, helping to make it stronger!
* Flick between Times, Things, and People pages for a quick overview of your immediate memory reminders.
* Organize by when it has to be done (today, soon, overdue), who has to do it (buddies), and what it is (ToDo, Shopping, Note).
* "Times" screen: helps you organize—showing Today, Soon, Overdue tasks.
* "Things" screen: lets you see all categories: To-Dos, Shopping Lists and Notes. reQall recognizes words like "buy," "ask," and "tomorrow;" drops your items on lists, on the right days and shares at your direction.
* Full Sharing functions let you share ideas and tasks with friends.
* Revamped iPhone user interface—elegant and simple, lets you add items via voice or text.
Anytime the application can become hurry up. Download from Apple Store


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This is really a scintillating app for iPhone.

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