Jott for iPhone : Your voice-powered notepad

Jot for iPhoneJott for iPhone is the ultimate mobile notepad that turns your voice into notes. Just tap the record screen and leave a note with your voice, Jott will then turn that note into text and add it to your Jott notepad or any of your lists. To get the same satisfaction of completing something on a paper list, cross off any item by swiping your finger across it on your Jott list. No matter where you are, now adding something to your notepad is as quick and easy as saying “Get strawberries for dessert.”

To record a note, tap anywhere on the screen to start recording, then tap again to end recording.

Your voice note will be converted to text and appear moments later in the Jott notepad on the iPhone.

Jott for iPhone notes can be organized into lists, prioritized, or crossed-off with the swipe of a finger. It also syncs with the Jott web site, so your lists are backed up. If you are a current Jott customer, your lists will be pre-loaded when you open the application for the first time. If you are a new Jott customer, a “To-Do” list will be added for you, but you can easily add your own custom lists on your iPhone or on

Download the free application at the Apple App Store


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