GOGOFROG : 3D website for free

Gogofrog is an online community that lets you meet your family and friends make new friends and if you want get thousands of people to visit your online business space or profile. You can create your very own free and totally unique Gogofrog space or you can simply find everything and everyone in the fun and amazing 3D space called The Hub; the centre of our 3D world.

Gogofrog as a space for everyone:

  • Friends
  • Families
  • Classmates past and present
  • Businesses
  • Special Interest Groups and Clubs
  • People who simply want to meet and chat with people with similar interests or more
  • People who have something they want to say or share with the world through their Gogofrog blog or forums
  • The young and young at heart, the artists, photographers, poets, authors and citizen journalists
  • The game players and players who are game
  • Those who love the thrill of the new (3D) and safety of the known (2D) web world.


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