Apture.com : Add Rich Media Experience to your blog/Website

Apture.com provides rich communication plateform that allows bloggers and publishers that can turn simple text pages of text into rich multimedia experience. It helps you find content, link it into your page, and display it inline — all with one line of code. Yourself you can see that the image and video link is available through Apture no markup was added for these two. Some of the strong features of Apture:

  • Multimedia Links : The service can add wealth of multimedia links to your site, opening content in new interactive windows that can be repositioned anywhere on the page, or enlarged to fullscreen.
  • Media Views : Apture supports multimedia content from around the web, be that images, documents, audio, video, news articles, movie information, product descriptions, music, podcasts…
  • Inline Multimedia Embedding : Apture also allows easy embedding of content into a page. You can resize the content to best match your page layout, and add a caption to introduce it.
  • AutoLink : Using Autolink feature you can convert all your existing links (Wikipedia articles, photos, and videos ) to Apture links, that would be better displayed with Apture.
  • Installation : You only need one line of code to bring the Apture experience to your website. Apture works with most popular publishing platforms and installs with just one click for Blogger and Typepad.
See more details through this video tutorial...


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