Cream - a modern configuration of the Vim text editor

Cream is a set of scripts and plug-ins which aims to make Vim ( Vi Improved) more easier to use for a new user. Whether you are writing emails or developing large software applications, Cream saves you time and gets you up and running quickly.

Few of the remarkable features are :

  1. Runs on Windows 95-XP, and on all GNU/Linux and BSD platforms.
  2. Edits Microsoft, Unix and Apple format text documents.
  3. Conversion between Unix, Windows and Apple platform format files.
  4. Keyboard mapping choices for one of 39 available language or encoding.
  5. Supports editing of very large files, size is limited by disk-space.
  6. Encoding support for 38 varieties of 8-bit, 2-byte, and Unicode.
  7. Each edited file retains its last view.
  8. Intuitive status line can be toggled off, however by default it indicates considerable information unobtrusively.
  9. .... find a detailed list here
cream screenshot2

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